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Yes, this is live. Yes this is free.

What is the catch?

Adults only. You must be over 18 to view this page.

There are rules about what you can do as a free visitor, and other rules id you are registered user.

Many of the girls, guys and couples will be getting nude or having sex in this free area. Do not stay on this page if any kind of sexual activity would disturb you, or be other wise unwanted in your location for any reason.

Additional terms do apply. Some of the people appearing through this live cam feed will switch to private invite only mode during certain situations. If you are registered and logged in, some may give you an option to join in a group show, or spy on a private show if you top a varying number of tokens.

So the catch is, you get to watch for free *broadband video data rates may be charged by your ISP if you have data caps, limits, data overages, etc – so watch out for that! Also, watching for free only gives you little ability to chat and direct any action. If you are logged in, you may be able to chat, but generally those who are the big tippers get to direct the show, so you may get stuck in the cheap seats watching action that others are paying for.