Spider in the car almost wrecked.

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    Was driving on the interstate after picking up my friend and heading downtown and along the way my friend loos over at me and says dude you have a HUGE spider on your shoulder. I just sighed as this friend has been quite the prankster over time and i did not believe there was a spider on my shoulder more or less a huge one.

    So he starts flipping out and trying to make it into the back seat and I am starting to get mad as it was very distracting but then i looked down because i felt something crawling on my back slash shoulder and sure enough there was a HUGE brown recluse on shoulder.

    I smacked it off my shoulder and it landed in the back seat with my friend who started freaking out because he lost track of it and so he started making his back up to the front seat at this time we must have drove a half mile without looking at the road and so i looked up and thank god at that moment realized i need to correct my steering to avoid going off the road and crashing.

    So i pulled over and we hunted the spide down unde rthe passenger seat and killed it and than made out way downtown to go to the bar.

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